Revolutionary New Kind of Hair Iron
Add huge, lasting volume to your hair

Revolutionary Volumizing Iron for Huge Hair Volume

There are so many kinds of hair irons on the market that it can get confusing! There are flat irons, which straighten the hair and leave it sleek and shiny. There are curling irons to curl your hair. And now, there’s a new hair iron on the market called the VOLOOM volumizing iron, and it is specifically designed to add huge, lasting volume to any hair style. That’s right. You just style your hair as you like, then as a finishing step on dry, styled hair, you use VOLOOM hair volumizer to pump up your hair volume. It just takes minutes and your new volumized hair style will last for days! Even if you have fine, thin or aging hair.  Watch our video tips showing you how to get huge hair volume. 

The patented plates set VOLOOM apart from other hair irons. The patented plates form “volume pockets” that when used on the under-layers of hair, work to lift the top layers of hair away from the scalp. You’re left with hair that is full and bouncy. See what 14 beauty experts have to say about our volumizing iron.

VOLOOM enhances any hair style including short hair, ponytails, curly hair, straight hair and more. Once your hair is dry spend just a few minutes using the VOLOOM hair volume iron and that’s it! No need for messy or expensive hair products which leave your hair dull and lifeless. VOLOOM heat-locks the volume so it lasts for days!

And did you know that using VOLOOM on your hair is often times much healthier than your normal routine? There are several reasons for this. First, unlike traditional hair irons and curling irons that are designed to be used on all layers of hair from root to tip, VOLOOM is designed to be used only near the scalp - which is the part of the hair rich in natural protective oils that protect the hair from heat damage. Secondly, VOLOOM’S patented plates are ceramic-coated and use ionic technology. What this means to you is that our iron helps seal the hair cuticle to protect it from damage. Lastly - and a favorite feature among the thousands of VOLOOMers out there - is that you need to shampoo your hair less often when you style it with VOLOOM, further reducing damage to hair. Because VOLOOM locks in volume, your volumptuous hair will last a few days, saving you time, money, and protecting your hair! 

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